€ 89,95

How cool! Your own mini-family. Made entirely by hand.

In order to be able to make your Minipiece entirely according to your wishes, we have described in detail below how you can best indicate this. Can't quite figure it out? Then don't hesitate to contact us.

The basic price of €69.95 is for a Minipiece with 2 family members.
€3 is added per additional family member, regardless of whether it is a man, child or pet.

How to personalize

Color frame

Select the desired color for the frame. You can choose between black or white.

Choose family members

Family member 1 - Male
Family member 2 - Female
Family member 3 - Dog

Don't want more than 3 family members? Then select 'other family members' none '.


Enter the appearance of family member 1 at 'Appearance - 1'
Enter the appearance of family member 2 at 'Appearance - 2'
Enter the appearance of family member 3 at 'Appearance - 3'

For the appearance we ask you to fill in :
- Color of hair
- Color of shirt or dress
- Color of trousers or skirt
- Possible prints

'Appearance - 1' : Brown hair, white shirt with zebra print, black trousers.
'Appearance - 2' : Blonde hair, or yellow dress with white flowers.
'Appearance - 3' : Pug, grey,


You can choose between a solid color background or paneling.

Paneling - yellow ocher


Provide the names of the family members.

Man - Erik
Woman - Sabina
Dog - Dex


Do you have certain hobbies that you would like to see in the list? Is your house full of plants or do you all really like pizza? Let us know in the 'extras' section. Then we will ensure that this is reflected in your Minipiece.



If you can't figure something out, you can always send an email to info@minipiece .nl 

Here you can also send photos that you can no longer upload here

if you have already ordered, you can state your order number.  

Delivery time

The delivery time of a personalized Minipiece is at least 12 weeks.